Stas Shurins released the «You Can Be» trilogy

The artist released three tracks of the “You Can Be” trilogy and launched the charity project #LearnFromThem

The winner of the Ukrainian talent show Star Factory, participant of the New Wave song contest and The Voice Of Germany, Stas Shurins, returned to the Ukrainian stage after a short creative break. He began with the motivational track You Can Be, which he dedicated to all Paralympic athletes, as well as people who face life difficulties daily and learn to deal with them.

«I dedicated this song to the Paralympics segment because it is one of the most striking examples of the struggle for life, an example of the struggle for rights, the struggle against circumstances, the struggle against oneself, – says Stas Shurins. – I wanted to express my respect and admiration for these heroes, for their strength of will and spirit, which very often is lacking for all of us. With the help of my song, I want to draw public attention to these courageous people. The attention they are more than worthy».

Stas Shurins presented a music video made in collaboration with the National Committee of Disabled people and Sports of Ukraine and the International Paralympic Committee.


Collaboration with the Paralympics did not end there, but only expanded to a social project. #LearnFromThem tells motivational stories of people from around the world who faced the most difficult life situations and did not give up, did not forget how to love life and believe in themselves. This is also the story of their loved ones, thanks to the efforts of which they were able to return to society and, moreover, achieved incredible success in their careers. The singer himself calls his project «small stories of great exploits».


A month ago the romantic track Oxygen was released. Artist dedicated it to his wife, with whom they had been together for many years.

Today is the time for another premiere! The third song from the trilogy – Keep Me In.


«This track is a kind of an oath in devotion, faith and love to a loved one. – says Stas. – Therefore, I decided that the February 14 is a great date for the premiere. Tell each other that you love them, as often as possible, and gifts should not only be given on holidays. And by the way, they don’t have to be too expensive 😉»

Important: all the money raised from the sales of the trilogy will be used to help young athletes with disabilities, with whom Stas has been collaborating since the premiere of the song You Can Be as part of the #LearnFromThem project. Everyone who downloads these songs automatically makes a small donation for the children’s school for young athletes with visual impairments – future Paralympic champions.

Listen or Download by the link.

Stas Shurins presented the romantic track Oxygen dedicated to his wife