Stas Shurins: “I’m not a selfish daffodil”

Soon, Stas Shurins will take part in the international competition “New Wave”. About how suitable preparation for the competition the author and performer and shared with us in an exclusive interview.

Stas, it is known that soon you will take part in the “New Wave” competition. You yourself wanted to try your hand or someone suggested?

What does it mean, prompted? (smiles – editors’ note). Such decisions, as a rule, come to me on a whim. To be more precise, personally for me, this is a kind of test of my strength and nerves for durability, adrenaline, if you like. I’m not referring to such musical sessions as competitions and competitions. For me, it’s rather a meeting of musicians from different countries, a kind of exchange of experience. And I don’t really invest in this concept: “Tear all and win at all costs!” I think all the contestants always have something to show each other and what to learn from people who perform on the same stage with you.


How is the training going? You already know which songs you will perform?

The preparation is very active, although very messy, because every day something changes and adjustments are made. There are rules of the competition, there is a main vision – the vision of a non-replaceable director of this competition, who is very worried about all of us and for the quality of our numbers. Therefore, I can say one thing for sure – we all work and hope that everything will be at the highest level!


Who of the jury of the “New Wave” wants to make an impression in the first place?

I don’t want to make an impression on that directly and deliberately. My task is somewhat different. I am a musician, I write my own songs, one of which I will be presenting at the competition is the track “While you are with me” from my latest album “Natural Selection”. Another thing is important to me: I want my music to be understood, accepted, felt and loved! This is my main task! Participation in this contest is one of the ways to be heard, and there everything depends on me, as far as I can reach the jury and the listener. After all, the jury, in addition to their unconditional professionalism, are just as lively people as everyone who can breathe, love and feel. My task is to hear their heartbeat in my step. Then I will consider that, as a musician, I did everything I could.
Stas, did you already have to try yourself as a jury at a vocal competition?

Yes, I had this experience more than once. I can say one thing: personally, I would be happy to maximize myself from this. Since any refereeing is a huge responsibility, which, in my opinion, the opinion is certainly not a matter of human competence. This thing is very subjective, and even more so in music.


In one of the interviews you said that you are going to release a new album in the fall. Can you briefly reveal his concept?

I’m going to and really believe that I will succeed. I understand that the situation around is not very easy, and now people really have no time for music. The album is almost ready. But I don’t want to disclose the concept in advance, since opening up all the cards for my potential listener will not have that healthy curiosity, excitement, buzz from listening to what they know to be knowingly. I love to make surprises. I assure you that this time it will not do without them! (smiles – editorial note)

Do you always write songs yourself or sometimes ask for help from the authors? Do you cooperate with young talents?

While I have something to say, I write myself. I will not think: maybe someday I will contact someone on this issue. I am not a selfish narcissus who revels in narcissism in his work. If I hear that song that hooks me, which I feel and I get the feeling that this song is internally mine, then I will be happy to sing and it will be completely unimportant to me who its author is. For example, it happened to me with two tracks, cover versions that I did. They are included in my album “Natural selection”. This is the song of an amazing person, a musician and the deepest personality of Igor Talkov “I will be back” and a track previously performed by Gregory Leps, “Bereg”. I fell in love with these two compositions strongly, and they became one hundred percent related to my soul.


What inspires you to write new songs? It happens that the muse does not attend for a long time?

What are you doing then? Inspiring … (thinks about – editorial). Inspires everything. Inspiring life! People, there are so many of them, there are so many of them: both flawless and imperfections, inspire situations that constantly arise in my life and far beyond its borders, love inspires. The main thing is to have the strength and desire to let it through you and feel everything at the molecular level, and then everything works out! I’m not at war with my music, I’m friends with it. And, of course, when we get tired of each other, we rest. But usually this is not a very long period of time, rest, bored, and again into battle!


Many listen to your songs. And what songs do you have in the playlist?

In this regard, I am “omnivorous.” I listen to everything from classical music to U2, James Arthur, Starsailor, Snow Patrol, Kingsof Leon, Placebo, Tom Odell, and so can be enumerated indefinitely.
By the way, do you often listen to your songs in, so to speak, not working hours?

I listen to my music while writing songs, while working on an album in the studio, during concerts, at most, I can listen to the master of the album when it came out. Then in my head other music already sounds, and I have to play it in my new songs. Therefore, further everything that I lived musically gives way to the unborn and unplayed. There is a lot of music in the world and in my head too. So sometimes I rest from the great Stas Shurins (laughs – approx. Editorial).


Would you like to try again to qualify for Eurovision next year?

I will not swear that I will not do this ever and for nothing, perhaps. But the only thing that has depressed me in this competition in recent years: I haven’t discovered anything for anyone personally in this pseudo musical show.


And how do you like Eurovision 2014? There was a lot of controversy regarding the victor. Which of the participants did you like the most?

I would like to see people for myself – musicians, from whom you can learn something, in a good way, be surprised, and not in freaks. While I did not see anyone for myself and did not discover anything, again, perhaps this is just a matter of taste. I said – from me a bad judge!
Stas, is there something in the creative plan that you want to do, but for the time being you don’t decide, for example, to try yourself in a new genre, to change your image drastically or to do something else that is unusual for you?

I do this every second of my life I think I’m growing up, I’m learning. And most importantly – I have this desire and faith in it. So I decided on everything for a long time, choosing music for myself as the main business of my life.

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