Stas Shurins: Alla Pugacheva Prize is Steeper than New Wave Win

Stas Shurinsu, who represented Latvia at the New Wave 2014, was incredibly lucky. He presented the prize Prima Donna.

Stas, what were your emotions and feelings, what did you first think when you heard your name from Pugacheva?

– I do not believe it. It seems that now will be taken away.



“ I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a girl was standing behind me. And I remembered that the organizers told us: “If someone is behind you, this is so that you give the flowers and say the word.” I thought I could get the audience award. But what if? Why not. But then, when Alla Borisovna came out and said about me, first my heart stopped, and then … I went out to get a prize from her and realized that my legs were numb. Hard to talk. He went to the microphone and barely uttered the first word.
What is better on New Wave, to win the first place or to get the prize of Alla Pugacheva?

– It seems to me that this is better. Definitely cooler. I also have a statuette and a gold piece, which is called “Star of Alla” on the New Wave. This is now the most expensive thing for me.

New Wave is a music festival that traditionally takes place in Jurmala (Latvia) and gathers at one of the most popular stars of the CIS.

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