The owner of the “Golden Star of Alla Pugacheva” has stolen the show “The Voice” of Germany.

The real sensation has become the performance of a famous singer and composer Stas Shurins in blind auditions of a German version of the main vocal project “The VOICE”.

The owner of Alla Pugachevas prize on the “New Wave” festival became the first Russian artist, who managed to become a participant of the international “Voice”.


Shurins impressed everyone, without exception, including members of the jury, and the multimillion European television audience. Undeniable hit of the year 2015 “7 years» by «Lukas Graham», perfomed by Stas, made all four members of the jury face the vocalist and fight for the chance to make an artist a member of their team. As a result of long discussions and dispute Stas had chosen a coach who appears to be the  frontman  of a Finnish band Sunrise Avenue – Samu Haber.


In our country Stas Shurins became famous due to the participation in the project “Stars Factory. Return”  broadcasted on the Russian “First Channel” and the vocal contest “New Wave”. Stas Shurins is also the winner of the Ukrainian “Stars Factory ” led by Konstantin Meladze. Singer has released two solo albums of original songs and several music videos which still are broadcasted on the music channels across the country. Songs written by Shurins are performed by artists like Vera Brezhneva, Anna Sedokova, Sati Casanova, Zara, Sergei Ashyhmina, Sogdiana, Anastasia Zadorozhna, Emin Agalarov, Tina Karol, Dzhigan and others


Now Stas is getting ready for the “Battle Stage”. But despite serious competition between all of the participants of “The Voice Of Germany”, bookmakers are making high bets on that Stas will take place in the following stages of the competition.​