Stas Shurins: “Suit of emigrant – it’s not for me!”

Stas, you took part in the “New Wave”, what memories do you have, in addition to the prize of Alla.
It was awesome! This part of my life I will remember with a smile on my face. I’ve met nice people from different countries and continue to communicate with them even now. Vote of confidence from such a professional as Alla, truly gives you “wings” and a desire to create without stopping. International broadcast competition yields its results, the team of fans becoming more diverse geographically. In addition, in songs they are looking for something more than mud and corrosive rhythm motif, they listen attentively to the text and require the presence and content, and meaning and form. Due to the fact that I have the support of such thinking people, I decided to experiment and start ‘crowdfunding’ project. The result of this joint action will be the release of my third album.

You have announced the release of the album in the fall. At what stage of preparation is it?
Announced? I think there a lot of time will be before the announcement occur, the exact dates have not been settled yet, but I’ve planned and planned exactly. The material is already written, it remains to be written down. The studio work on the album for me – one of the most important and loved things to do, because that is where sketches, drafts of thoughts that live in me turn into a full-fledged music.

When the recording starts?
Well it is difficult to say right now, as I do not know in what country I will record it. I am a citizen of the world, it’s shame that there are no such passports, I would be first in line (smiling).
What will be the third album of Stas Shurins?
We can say that this album was written on the road. Over the last half a year I was lucky enough to go to a greater or lesser extent in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and, of course, Latvia and Ukraine. Impressions and emotions are overwhelming, both good and not so – all this will be in the third album. Moreover, the suit of the emigrant I do not intend to reconcile, so far the political situation took my music into custody and tied my hands to move forward without giving ! But … I just can not and do not intend to tolerate even the idea that peace is impossible, I believe that soon everything will be okay. I am a religious person and I believe that anyone who is above hears us.


Source: pre-party.com