Stas Shurins never ceases to amaze their fans

The autumn is already in full swing, and Stas Shurins never ceases to amaze his fans, the artist has not only improved in the profession, but also expands the scope of his global outlook and activities.

Over the past six months Stas Shurins managed to take part in the British “X-Factor», won the prize of Alla Pugacheva in the contest “New Wave”, became a participant of the popular German show «DeutschlandsuchtdenSuperstar» (Germany seeks for a Superstar), enrolled in the University, and is actively studying foreign languages and some of these days will release a new single.


As it turned out, a trip to Europe, vacation in Germany and France were not in vain, all these trips have become not only a recreation for a musician, but also filled in the list of new achievements of the artist.

As it was already mentioned, Stas was casting in a German super show with a twenty-year old history «DeutschlandsuchtdenSuperstar» (Germany seeks for a Superstar), produced by a well-known German singer, musician and composer Dieter Bohlen (everyone knows him from the project «Modern Talking»).

“As part of the show the producer is always working with the participants, which is called «from scratch» he creates the artist according to his vision from a clean sheet, relying only on his personal musical concept, it happens with all the existing at the moment talent-shows. I went through all the stages of casting. The closer I got to the final, the clearer it became that alas retain my image, attitude and image in the music, at least partially, will be unlikely for me – says Stas Shurins. – To such a scenario, I do not fit in. Going back to where I was, having a great difficulty and loss when I came out, I did not want to. Now I’m all right, I went back to basics, to the music with which I’ve started. Three years I’ve been working hard to make the public stop associating me and my music with the “Fabrika Zirok” and now they start to love feeling my world, my work, I want it for myself outside of the context of the talent show, my visual picture and producer visions. Cross out these works would be a betrayal and disrespect as to the fans, which has remained with me, no matter what, and still believe in me, nor to the music, without which my life has no meaning, nor to my team with which I did not work anymore-they’ve become my second family. Too much effort, time, finances were spent on this road, in the middle of which I am now, but for that I am ready to fight and go to the end. There is no sense in stepping back and regression is certainly not my way. Therefore, the only way to keep all of the above was my refusal to participate in the project.
Although I believe that everything that happens is for the best. Now I’m focused on things that are more interesting for me and my music project, and I set a goal to get to it, but I’m not going to disclose the name of it, but I can say one thing  this show I’m not that interested in rather I’m interested in the project itself and the possibility of self-promotion and co-operation with a highly respected musician with a worldwide reputation. This is a highly respected professional, as in music in general and directly in the vocals. In addition, I am a fan of his work, I always have his songs in my playlist. Now I’m getting ready and efficiently for that show, even started learning German. “

In addition to learning languages Stas got back to higher education, now Shurins is a student of one of the Riga’s high schools, though the musician has changed his last specialization of “Taxes and Customs Control” into “International Business Communication and Management”.


Nevertheless, the most important for Stas Shurins was and remains music. His new musical accomplishments, very soon could be heard and evaluated in the upcoming album, tentatively scheduled for the coming months. Meanwhile, the artist presents a new single from his latest album “Natural Selection”, titled «Maniac». The author presents the track as follows: “I would like to draw the attention of fans and listeners to the fact that« Maniac », a prelude, some” foreplay “, before the main action;) If you want a hint on what will be the third album! I hope you are the same as me, waiting for the release of this album. “

Source: pre-party.com