Stas Shurins knocks out Justin Timberlake

Stas Shurins wins again. In the second round of the singing competition “The Voice of Germany”, the singer won the battle against his rival Vincenzo Iuzolino. Undeniable hit by Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling” helped Stas knock out his opponent and gave him the opportunity to continue competing in the project.


In Stas’ own words, it was a very hard fight. On the eve of battle he got severely ill and even intensive treatment did not improve the situation: “High fever, runny nose, hellish headache, sore throat became my “wonderful “gift of fate on the eve of the battle. Even taking handfuls of pills hasn’t helped me and did not contributed to my recovery. This fact added further excitement. In any case, it is what is it… But in general, the battle went fine. On the ring, I got lucky to be with a very talented and bright person Iuzolino Vincenzo (Vincenzo Iuzzolino). It was not battle for us, it was a real duet. This was not rivalry, but partnership. Everyone was happy and sincerely supported the success of the other. ”


All members of the jury and Stas’ coach Samu Haber, lead singer of Sunrise Avenue, noted Shurins’ superiority to his rival, noting his professionalism and confidence while performing.

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