Stas Shurins: “In an instant ALL LIFE runs before my eyes”

New video of Stas Shurins for single «Why» was released today. First song was presented at the Ukrainian choice Eurovision 2014. Track is now actively rotated on radio stations in Ukraine and abroad.
why2_новый размер

Video for the single «Why» is a logical conclusion of the second album, ’cause Shurins has already started working on the third. According to the director’s idea in addition to the centerline flashbacks were used as a remembrance-reminder to show extremal transition of an artist from «being a talent show winner» to «musician».
why4_новый размер

«Videos «Poka ty so mnoy/Until you are with me» and «Why» – these are two parts of the same movie, so I recommend watching them in a row. My previous work «While you’re with me» was risky and honest. I was shocked when I read reviews of so called «sofa-critics» who saw only «suicide» in everything I do… it’s difficult to calmly react to such comments. – Stas say. – I can say to all of them that there are different moments and things happening in my life, good and bad. Sometimes in just a moment whole life runs before my eyes like a micro-movie. Meanwhile I’m not ready to talk about these situations directly, although maybe someday I will be. I sublimate every situation and private moment into my music. Not simply «While you’re with me», and not simply «Why», all names, frames and words have an explanation. Think – this is my goal to get people thinking with the help of my music».