Stas Shurins: “I’m not a self-centered narcissist”

Stas Shurins soon will participate in the international competition “New Wave”. About how preparation for the competition is going the composer and performer shared with us in an exclusive interview.

Stas, we know that soon you will take part in the contest “New Wave”. Was it your idea to try yourself or someone suggested?

What do you mean, suggested? (smiles – editor’s note). Such decisions as a rule tend to come on a whim. To be more precise, for me personally, it’s one of ways of checking my own virtue and nerve strength, if you want you can call it – the adrenaline.

Especially since I am not fond of musical gigs such as a contest or competition. For me it is, rather, meeting musicians from different countries, in order to share the experience. And I certainly do not presuppose this concept: “Tear all and win at any cost!” I think all the contestants always have something to show to each other and you can always learn from people who perform with you on stage.

How is your preparation going? Do you know what songs will be performed?

The preparation has been very active, though very messy, because like every day something changes and adjustments are made. There are rules of the contest, is the main vision – a vision of a non-replaceable director of this competition, who is very worried about all of us and for the quality of our performances. Therefore, I can say one thing for sure – we all work hard and we hope that everything will be on the highest level!

On whom from the jury of the “New Wave” you want to make an impression in the first place?

I do not want deliberately to impress someone. My problem is somewhat different. I am a musician, I write my own songs, one of which I will present at the competition – track “While you’re with me” from my latest album “Natural Selection”. For me the most important thing: I want my music to be understood, accepted, felt and loved! Here  is – my main goal!

Participation in this competition – this is one of ways to be heard, and there is all up to me how I am going  to reach out both the jury and the listener. After all, the jury, in addition to their high professionalism, are real people, as well as everyone who is able to breathe, to love and feel. My task is to hear their heart beat with mine. And at that time I will feel that as a musician I did everything that I could.

Stas, have you already tried yourself in the role of the jury at the vocal competition?

Yes, I had such an experience and not just once. I can say one thing: I personally, with maximum pleasure would protected myself from that. Since any judging is a huge responsibility, which, in my opinion, is  certainly the case of not human competence. This thing is very subjective, but in music – even more so.

Once you told  that in autumn you are going to release a new album. Can you briefly reveal its concept?

I am going to and really believe that I will succeed. I understand the situation is not very pleasant and now people care about the music in the last place. The album is almost ready. I do not want to  disclose the concept in advance, because after revealing everything my potential listener will not have that healthy curiosity, excitement, pleasure from listening to what they already know. I love making surprises. I assure you that this time there will be a lot of them (smiles – editor’s note).

Do you always write your own  songs or sometimes seek for help from the authors? Do you cooperate with young talents?

As long as I have something to say, I will write by myself. I will not make plans for the future: maybe someday I will turn to someone on this issue. I’m not a self-centered narcissist, which revels in narcissism in his work. If I hear that song that got me hooked, and I feel that that this song is internally mine, then I will gladly sing it and for me it does not matter who wrote it.
For example, the same story  happened to me with two tracks, cover versions which I did. They went into my album “Natural Selection”. One song which was written by an awesome man, musician and profound personality Igor Talkov “I shall return” and track previously executed by Grigory Leps, “Berega”. I loved these two songs very much and they sticked with my soul completely.

What inspires you to write new songs? Does it  happen that the muse does not visit for a long time? What are you doing then?

I am inspired by … (pause – editor’s note). I am inspired by everything. Life inspires me! People there are so many of them and so much in them: and impeccable and imperfections, inspire situations that constantly happen in my life and far beyond its borders, love inspires. The main thing – to have the strength and desire to skip through yourself and feel everything at the molecular level, that’s when everything turns out!
I make friends with my music, not war. And, of course, when we get tired of each other, we rest. But usually it is not for a very long period of time, had a rest, missed each other and back in action.

A lot of people listen to your songs. And which songs do you have in your playlist?

In this regard, I love everything. I listen to everything from classical music ending with U2, James Arthur, Starsailor, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Placebo, Tom Odell and I can list it indefinitely.

By the way, do you frequently listen to your own songs o, so to speak, apart from working time?

I listen to my own music while writing songs, while working on the album in the studio, during concerts, the maximum is that I can listen to master the album when it came out. Then in my head already sounds different music, and I have to reproduce it in my  new songs. So  everything else that  I have lived through music gives way to the unborn and not reproduced. There is a lot of music in the world and in my head. So  sometimes I have a rest from the great Stas Shurins (laughs – editor’s note).

Do you want to try again to qualify for the “Eurovision” in the next year?
I’m not going to promise that I will not do never do that,but  maybe. But the only thing that depresses me in this competition in recent years: I personally have not discovered something new for myself in this pseudo musical show.

And what about “Eurovision – 2014″? It has been a lot of talks about the winner. Whom do you like the most?
I would like to see – musicians who can learn something in a good way, who can surprise, and do not freak. For myself I did not witness something special and again, maybe it’s just a matter of taste. As I have already said – I am a bad judge!
Stas, is there anything in the creative plan that you want to do, but still hesitate, for example, try a new genre, radically change the image or do something else that is unusual for you?
I do it every second of my life, it seems to me, I grow, I learn. And most importantly – I have this desire and belief in it. So long ago I have everything chosen for myself  – music as the main business of my life.

Source: hronika.info