Stas Shurins begins a solo career in the European market with a new single «However It Ends»

Just yesterday, during the semifinals, Stas Shurins completed his part in the project «The Voice of Germany». Today, the singer releases a new video for his first European single «However It Ends».

Shurins wrote the track «However It Ends» together with his mentor, leader of the Finnish team «Sunrise Avenue» Samu Haber. The Song featuring Andre «Brix» Buchmann is released by the world’s largest record label Universal Music Group (Germany), with which the artist has been working closely now.


“I have repeatedly won in various shows and know that victory in them, is not a panacea and not a guarantee of future successful career. When I decided to participate in this project, I clearly knew and understood why I came here, and I knew where I want to go from here. I think, all the judges understood that as well, at least they voiced it at the stage of blind auditions. I’m incredibly grateful to each of them, all the organizers, the management, the teachers. I learned a lot from them, they were great professionals… But my main goal and task was different.


I’m not just a singer, I’m also a song writer. I write my music, my songs, I’ve written my music for many years. My thoughts were heard and found an echo in the hearts of people, this is what I do and I’m not going to stop. With my participation in the show I wanted to expand the geography and the opportunity of bringing my music (to a wider audience) we do not know what future holds but for now it worked. Maybe not as fast and not in those volumes, but each has its own path and its own destiny, and nobody knows that is waiting for us.

I had to get into the business in a new territory, find partners, etc. Arriving on the project, I did no cunning and announced my plans. It was clear that I will not become the new Justin Bieber, I’m not clay anymore which can be molded into everything you want … I’m 26 years old, my creativity has found some shape. Someone may think that they are not good enough and maybe not entirely successful, but nevertheless they are what they are and I am ready to continue to fight for them, this is the meaning of my life, that’s all I have. I think, based on all of the above decision about my further participation in the project as a competitor was not profitable for anyone and it is logical. Although there is still likely to be a tour and who knows where it will lead us all. The most important result-gift, after the 4 broadcasts the show, for me and my music was a huge number of new students from different countries not only in Europe, they are awesome!!!! I am glad that the language of music really knows no borders, it is beyond nationality, beyond politics, it has more love than we sometimes suppose and it’s great! I speak the language of music, and we understand each other. “- says Stas Shurins.

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