Stas Shurins: Alla Pugacheva’s prize is much cooler than the victory at New Wave

Stas Shurins got incredibly lucky, he represented Latvia atNew Wave 2014. The Diva gifted him with the prize.

Stas, what were your emotions and feelings when you first heard your name from Pugacheva? 
– I could not believe it. It seems that now it will be taken away.

Have you expected that? 
– I noticed that there was a girl behind me. And I remember that we were told by  the organizers: “If someone stands behind you – this is not for giving flowers and saying a word.” I thought I could get the audience award. What if? Why not. But then, when Alla Borisovna came out and said about me, at first my heart stopped, and then … I went to get a prize from her and realized that my feet got numb. I could not talk. Took the microphone and gasped the first word.
Which is better for New Wave, win the first place or receive a prize from Alla Pugacheva? 
– I think that it is cooler. Definitely much cooler. I also have a statue and a golden piece, which is called in the New Wave “Star of Alla”. It is now for me the most expensive things.

New Wave – is a music festival, which is traditionally held in Jurmala (Latvia) and gathers one the most popular stars of the CIS.

Source: ivona.bigmir.net